Spud Wood


car park off Stage Lane, Lymm


Stage lane entrance & car park (car park closed Sept / Oct 2023)

Oughtrington lane entrance

Burford lane entrance (parking along the side of Warrington lane)

Further information

Spud Wood entrance sign

**The Burford lane entrance is still closed (18th Feb 2024) as a hard surface is laid over the mud created during drainage remediation work**

Friends of Spud Wood website

Spud Wood is a relatively new wood close to the eastern side of the village, planted in the late 1990's on farmland as part of a Woodland Trust millennium project. There is a small car park off Stage lane leading to a bridge over the canal to access Spud Wood, this car park tends to get busy at weekends and public holidays. Alternative parking can be found along the side of Warrington lane at to the junction of Burford lane.

Lymm Radio have a written feature on Spud Wood here (January 2023)

Spud wood is easily accessible from the canal tow path (via the pedestrian only Granthams bridge), from Dog bridge / Oughtrington lane or via Burford lane aqueduct.

Spud Wood footpath

The wood has numerous footpaths crossing the site. Bordered on three sides by Oughtrington lane, the Bridgewater canal and Burford Lane, there's lots of space to avoid other people & enjoy the the trees and views. 

Paths are all grass or soil - after prolonged wet weather and during winter into spring, wellies are strongly advised.

Paths are great for people of all ages, though avoid push chairs when wet & muddy. 

Spud wood joins up with Helsdale woods further up the hill - there are a couple of places to swap between the two woods (you should notice the transition from new woods to mature woods) which opens up a longer walk, either entering Helsdale woods from the footpath just below the High School & cricket club, or from the footpath crossing Burford Lane.

Spud Wood Tree FaceThere are a few wood carvings dotted around Spud wood - particularly around the south eastern side, and a number of dens / shelters made by outdoor activity groups.

(the fairy house below fell over during the summer of 2023...)

Spud Wood Fairy House


Spud Wood & Helsdale Wood do get the occasional Lymm Rocks (see Lymm Rocks Facebook Group) if you keep your eyes open.

Spud Wood Lymm Rocks


The nearest facilities (place for a cup of tea / some food) is the Barn Owl Inn, about 300 metres along Warrington road from the Spud Wood Burford lane entrance  

There are a few picnic tables close to and visible from Grantham's bridge (near the car park). There are litter bins at the Stage lane car park, at the gate / entrance to Spud Wood just south of the canal bridge) and at the Oughtrington lane entrance, mostly put in and managed by Lymm Parish Council to address littering concerns (anecdotally they have made quite a difference, with much reduced litter).  


Spud Wood has a permanent orienteering course, details are on the (now ‘old’) Friends of Spud Wood website (several options available).

St Peter's December sunset


Spud Wood has had a local reputation for large amounts of dog poo within Lymm Facebook forums and with some regular visitors, with some locals actively put off. There have definitely been some issues with dog poo bags being left behind, though the situation has improved with additional bins being installed in the autumn of 2021 (thanks to Lymm Parish Council working with the Woodland Trust on this one).

Please plan to take all litter home, & consider wellies :-)

Spud Wood is a Woodland Trust site, any questions or problems should be raised via the Woodland Trust. The working structure has a 'site manager' for Spud Wood, who in will manage any work / resolve problems. Contact the site manager via the Woodland Trust, or through Lymm Parish Council who have direct contact details.

Spud Wood / The Woodland Trust have an agreement for tree management with 'Friends of Spud Wood' - contact is via Low Carbon Lymm, with some events publicised on the Spud Wood noticeboards at the Oughtrington Lane entrance, and across the bridge from the car park.

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