Lymm 2021 Parish & Borough Elections

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For the 02/05/2024 Parish, Borough and Police Commissioner elections use this page

The next Lymm Parish & Warrington Borough elections are scheduled on Thursday 2nd May 2024. If there is a general election on the same day (or after) then it's expected Parish and Borough elections will still be on Thursday 2nd May 2024.

The current constituency boundaries (that will affect which constituencies Lymm resides in) were redrawn in 2023, so at the next General Election Lymm will move out of the Warrington South constituency, to be part of the Tatton constituency.


Parish, Borough and PCC Elections 2021

Lymm and Warrington election results

All results are now published below.

The official results are shared by Warrington Borough Council.

Warrington Borough Results

Lymm North and Thelwall

(Win) Bob Barr (LD) 2129 votes

Chris Brownhill (LAB) 900 votes

Stephen Chadwick (CON) 1211 votes

(Win) Wendy Johnson (LD) 1735 votes

Julia Leigh (CON) 1210 votes 

Roger Longton (CON) 1100 votes

(Win) Ian Marks (LD) 2013 votes 

Marc Rufus (LAB) 601 votes

Ken Wormald (LAB) 657 votes

Number Of Seats 3; Electorate: 9079; Ballot papers issued: 4095; Turnout: 45.10%

18 ballot papers were rejected:

  • 5 for voting For More Than One Registered Party Or Individual Candidate
  • 13 were Unmarked Or Void For Uncertainty

Lymm South

Cheryl Anderson (LAB) 296 votes

(Win) Kath Buckley (CON) 1119 votes

Trish Cockayne (LAB) 382 votes

(Win) Graham Gowland (LD) 1019 votes

Joe Griffiths (IND) 239 votes

Tim Martland (LD) 895 votes 

Ian Pemberton (CON) 859 votes

Number Of Seats 2; Electorate: 5092; Ballot papers issued: 2529; Turnout: 49.67%

6 ballot papers were rejected:

  • 1 for voting For More Than One Registered Party Or Individual Candidate
  • 5 were Unmarked Or Void For Uncertainty

Lymm Parish Council results

Lymm (North)

(Win) Bob Barr (LD) - 1571 votes

Stephen Chadwick (CON) - 706 votes

(Win) Chris East (LD) - 1238 votes

*(Win) Selina Kirkham (LD) - 1264 votes

(Win) Ian Marks (LD) - 1518 votes

(Win) Julia Stansfield (LD) 1081 votes

(Win) Steve Towndrow (LD) - 1217 votes

Vacant seats: 6; Electorate: 4776; Ballot papers issued: 2,170; Turnout: 45.44%

29 ballot papers were rejected:

  • 1 Voting for more candidates than the voter was entitled to
  • 28 were Unmarked Or Void For Uncertainty

*Selina Kirkham stood down as a Parish Councillor in Q3 2022

Karen Rurlander was co-opted to this vacancy in September / October 2022

Lymm (South)

Cheryl Anderson (LAB) - 366 votes

*(Win) Kath Buckley (CON) - 1157 votes

Trish Cockayne (LAB) - 507 votes

(Win) Graham Gowland (LD) - 1409 votes

(Win) Ann Johnstone (LD) - 1183 votes

Julia Leigh (CON) - 905 votes

(Win) Tim Martland (LD) - 1270 votes

Ian Pemberton (CON) - 954 votes

(Win) Ben Selwood (LD) - 1076 votes

(Win) Sally Sharma (LD) - 1167 votes

Joan Stocker (LD) - 989 votes

Vacant seats: 6; Electorate: 5051; Ballot papers issued: 2,543; Turnout: 50.35%

12 ballot papers were rejected:

  • 12 were Unmarked Or Void For Uncertainty

* Kath Buckley stood down as Parish Councillor in early 2023. Kath remains a Borough Councillor.

Colin Oakley was co-opted to this vacancy in February 2023.

PCC Results

Joanne Conchie (Liberal Democrats) - 32,348 votes (14.47%)

(Win) John Vincent Dwyer (Conservatives) - 99,565 votes (44.55%) first preference, 12,397 second preference, 111,962 total

Nicholas Goulding (Reform UK) - 8,258 votes (3.69%)

David Michael Keane (Labour and Co-operative) - 83,329 votes (37.28%) first preference, 16,134 second preference, 99,463 total

Elections 2021

The boundary between Lymm North & Thelwall, and Lymm South is the Bridgewater canal.

There were three parties fielding candidates with one independent candidate in these elections, across Lymm south and Lymm north & Thelwall:

  1. The Conservative party manifesto / materials are:
    1.  published by Warrington Worldwide here
    2. (small) flyer sent to households here (pdf)
    3. (large) document sent to households here (Lymm South - pdf)
  2. The Labour party online manifesto is here (pdf), and the 'letter' version of the Labour manifesto is here (pdf) - this is a copy sent to postal voters, there may be different versions distributed.
  3. The Liberal Democrat materials are:
    1. Lib Dem manifesto is here (pdf)
    2. Lib Dem Election Focus (Lymm South) is here (pdf)
    3. Lib Dem Record of Action (Lymm South) is here (pdf)

2021 election summary

The following was shared on social media by one of the candidates, giving a good overview of the voting process for 2021:

This year there are three elections - Parish Council, Borough Council and Police and Crime Commissioner. Postal voters will get 2 deliveries of three different voting slips Borough Council and PCC in one, and Parish Council in the other. They may not all come at the same time. The Parish sheet is yellow, the PCC green and the Borough is white. The borough might look like it's just the instruction sheet until you unravel it.

The Parish election is for 12 unpaid Councillors spread over 2 wards - split at the Bridgewater Canal. For each ward you will have up to 6 votes - you don't have to vote six times, you can just vote for 1 or 2, but you can use all 6.

The Borough Election appoints a total of 5 remunerated (£8-18K) councillors over Lymm and Thelwall, split 2 in Lymm South and 3 in Lymm North & Thelwall. This is one reason why you might see different names to those on the Parish list, as Thelwall has a different Parish Council. You have up to 2 votes (e.g. you can just vote once) In Lymm South, and up to 3 votes in Lymm North and Thelwall. Warrington is a "unitary authority" (link to explanation - pdf)

The Third election is for the paid role (£75K) of Police and Crime Commissioner for Cheshire - and you have a first preference and second preference vote - you can just give a 'first choice'. APCCS - role of the PCC

The other issue people have raised is over the address description of the candidates. As a candidate you don't have to put your address on the voting slip, you can opt out, in which case the description simply says 'An Address in Warrington' - Lymm is in Warrington! For the Parish, you have to live or work in the Parish area, for Borough & PCC you don't.

Warrington Borough Council election 2021 page


Warrington Borough Council Elections


There were nine candidates standing. Eligible voters could cast up to 3 votes:

  1. Bob Barr, Liberal Democrats
  2. Chris Brownhill, Labour
  3. Stephen Chadwick, Conservatives
  4. Wendy Johnson, Liberal Democrats
  5. Julia Leigh, Conservatives
  6. Roger Longton, Conservatives
  7. Ian Marks, Liberal Democrats
  8. Marc Rufus, Labour
  9. Ken Wormald, Labour

The outgoing Borough Councillors (some are standing for re-election) were:

  • Bob Barr (Lymm North & Thelwall) Liberal Democrats
  • Ian Marks (Lymm North & Thelwall) Liberal Democrats
  • Wendy Johnson (Lymm North & Thelwall) Liberal Democrats

LYMM SOUTH – 2 seats

There were seven candidates standing, eligible voters could cast up to two votes:

  1. Cheryl Anderson, Labour
  2. Kath Buckley, Conservatives
  3. Trish Cockayne, Labour
  4. Graham Gowland, Liberal Democrats
  5. Joe Griffiths, Independent
  6. Tim Martland, Liberal Democrats
  7. Ian Pemberton, Conservatives

The outgoing Borough Councillors (some are standing for re-election) were:

  • Anna Fradgley (Lymm South) Liberal Democrats
  • Kath Buckley (Lymm South) Conservative

Parish Council Elections

LYMM PARISH COUNCIL, LYMM NORTH – 6 seats, the candidates were:

  1. Bob Barr, Liberal Democrats
  2. Stephen Chadwick, Conservatives
  3. Chris East, Liberal Democrats
  4. Selina Kirkham, Liberal Democrats
  5. Ian Marks, Liberal Democrats
  6. Julia Stansfield, Liberal Democrats
  7. Steve Towndrow, Liberal Democrats

LYMM PARISH COUNCIL, LYMM SOUTH – 6 seats, the candidates were:

  1. Cheryl Anderson, Labour
  2. Kath Buckley, Conservatives
  3. Trish Cockayne, Labour
  4. Graham Gowland, Liberal Democrats
  5. Ann Johnstone, Liberal Democrats
  6. Julia Leigh, Conservatives
  7. Tim Martland, Liberal Democrats
  8. Ian Pemberton, Conservatives
  9. Ben Selwood, Liberal Democrats
  10. Sally Sharma, Liberal Democrats
  11. Joan Stocker, Liberal Democrats


The outgoing Lymm Parish Councillors (some were standing for re-election) were:

  • Geoff Hawley (chair)
  • Bob Barr
  • John Bamforth
  • Kathryn Buckley
  • Andrew Carter
  • Andy Cooper
  • Graham Gowland
  • Joe Griffiths
  • Ann Johnstone
  • Ian Marks
  • Tim Martland
  • Ben Selwood

Cheshire Police & Crime Commissioner

Police and Crime Commissioners (PCCs) are elected to hold the police to account. They have responsibility for their police force's finance, and can appoint or dismiss the Chief Constable. Once elected, each PCC must produce a Police and Crime Plan, which sets their force's strategic direction.

There were four candidates standing for the Cheshire Police & Crime Commissioner:

  1. Jo Conchie (Liberal Democrat)
  2. John Dwyer (Conservative)
  3. Nick Goulding (Reform UK)
  4. David Keane (Labour)

Further information on the candidates is here:

The outgoing Commissioner was David Keane (who was standing for re-election)

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