Off the Wheaten Track (Altrincham)


8/10 Oxford Road Altrincham, WA14 2DY

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Not Lymm...

Gluten free deli / bakery / sandwich bar in Altrincham. All fresh food baked on premises. Cakes and pies are really worth trying. Off the Wheaten Track offer 'Sunday Teas' from a menu selection / mix & match.

Good selection of vegan options available.

When Covid rules allow, The Swan with Two Nicks usually offers a selection of Gluten Free products from Off the Wheaten Track.

Comprehensive details on the website, if you are after particular cakes / pies / breads then calling ahead before travelling is advised.

Lymm Radio interviewed Hayley from Off the Wheaten Track in November 2021, there is a link to the interview here

Off the Wheaten Track are mentioned in an article here

Opening hours via website.

Off the Wheaten track outside


Off the Wheaten track counter


Off the Wheaten track cake


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