Slitten Gorge


Dane Bank road (accessible footpath through most of the site)

Whitbarrow Road (via steep steps)

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Slitten gorge & the remains of the Slitting Mill are well worth including on a longer walk, the area tends to be quiet when other areas around the village are crowded. The access down from Whitbarrow road is steep (e.g. you would have to carry a push chair), but the gorge is a lovely contrast to the nearby village centre. Accessible access via Dane Bank road. has more information on the area here.

The Lymm Archive (Lymm Heritage Centre) has photos showing earlier excavations here

Parking - please use the village centre car parks

Nearest facilities - the village centre shops / pubs


Slitten Gorge


Icicles on the sandstone cliffs (February 2021):

2021.01 Slitton Gorge Icicles


The steps down from the cave

Slitton Gorge


Danebank Road bridge

Slitton Gorge


The path towards Whitbarrow Road steps (winter)

Slitten Gorge

Slitten Gorge is managed by the Warrington Ranger Service, contact Ranger Tim, via Lymm Parish Council or via the phone numbers above / at 

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